Computer Technology is Imperfect

Computers have been around for a few decades now. But computers – unlike other devices  at home – don’t seem to be as reliable.

Here are a few examples of devices at home that always work as designed:

  • Television–  Switch it on, select the channel and you are ready to go. A TV is very consistent in its function whether it is an LCD, Plasma or an LED TV. A TV has become more like a computer since apps can be installed on some TVs. Some TVs have Wi-Fi or Ethernet built in.
  • Blu-ray player – A Blu-ray player works perfectly each time. These days, a Blu-ray player has apps like Netflix and YouTube that connect to the internet.

The above devices work perfectly fine. If they break down they don’t work. But as long as they work, they are fine and do their job. Using each of the above devices is very easy since they don’t change their settings or mutate on their own.

Let’s compare these devices to a computer. The following issues make a computer extremely complex and frustrating to work with:

  • Accidental misconfiguration– Sometimes, we make changes to the settings on our computer and we are unable to roll them back. A typical computer has hundreds of settings and an average computer user may not be familiar with all of them. If we delete important system files, the computer never turns back on.
  • Malicious misconfiguration – Other users may use your computer and make changes to settings without your knowledge.
  • Virus– Viruses not only modify your computer settings, but also corrupt data.
  • Spyware – Unsafe emails and websites install sypware on your computer that is later used to steal data.
  • Malware – Malware is installed by hackers to take control of your computer and propagate their illegal activities and steal your data.
  • Crash – When your operating system crashes, you have to reboot. This corrupts your operating system and programs.

A computer, due to all the above issues is an imperfect piece of technology. We have sent a man on the moon, but we have still not developed a computer, operating system, or a program that is perfect! Is there a solution out there that makes computer technology perfect?

Yes. Reboot to Restore technology transforms the imperfect computer technology into something reliable and perfect. Just reboot your computer and your operating system, programs, and the entire computer comes back to its original configuration.

Reboot to Restore technology would have been very useful when Neil Armstrong went to the moon. If the computers on his spacecraft had problems, he could just reboot!



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