The Next War

The Internet is the new war zone and the new battlefield. Hackers, those neglected nerds, are the new special forces.

Why is the Internet such an important zone for countries to assert their dominance?

    The only Media – The Internet is used to build as well as destroy regimes. Sometimes, the Internet is the only way for people to broadcast the oppression when traditional media is suppressed.
    Everything is connected – Millions of smartphones, satellite telecommunication, VOIP, and Internet data allow countries to tap into vast amounts of data easily.
    For every lock, there is a key – Given enough processing power, any encryption can be broken. Decrypting ; is difficult, but not impossible.
    Easy to Propagate disaster – Spyware, malware, virus, root kits, and ransomware can be injected via the Internet to disable critical computer systems.
    Destroy the Economy – Inject a virus into the stock market. Cripple banking transactions. And the economy comes to a standstill.
    Untraceable – With multiple computer systems across the world, messages that bounce from one system to another multiple times before reaching the destination can never be traced. Cyberwar can also make surgical strikes on specific computer systems and retrieve data quickly.
    Sometimes, the only option – Disabling the communication network of the enemy is easier and leads to zero collateral damage as opposed to attacking the enemy.

Many steps are being taken by countries to protect themselves from the threat of Cyberwar. In 2009, President Obama declared America’s digital infrastructure as a Strategic National Asset. In May 2010, the Cyber Command Task Force was established in America.

There is a lot of focus to secure critical systems – both for enterprises and governments. The next war won’t be a nuclear war. It will be a Cyberwar.


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