Cloud Computing in 2030

Cloud computing, cloud storage, and virtualization technologies have taken the world by storm. However, as of today, we do not rely on cloud computing completely.

But 18 years from now, things will be different. Very different.

How will our computing experience change over the next 2 decades?

  • Lightning fast Internet speeds – Today, we have a residential speed of up to 250 Mbps. In the late 90s, it used to be 256 Kbps. Analyzing the geometric progression of Internet speeds, we will most likely have residential speeds of 500 Gbps.
  • Applications on the Cloud – Google Docs are already available over the cloud. Microsoft Office is also available over the Cloud. It would not be surprising to have all our programs installed on the Cloud instead of our hard drives. You don’t have to worry about software upgrades, bug fixes, or even licensing. Going forward, you could see operating systems on the Cloud. Do you need to use Windows Server 2030 today? Just logon to the Cloud.
  • Data on the Cloud – This is again, not a very new concept. With multiple Cloud storage options available today, it can only mean that all hard drives in the future are virtual hard drives on the Cloud. All the data will be on the Cloud. Your computer may get stolen, or destroyed in a fire. But your data will remain safe and accessible from across the globe.
  • Virtualized Hardware – Two decades from now, you could buy processing power over the Internet without having to upgrade your home computer. Wouldn’t that be cool? Also, you could rent more processing power in the short run for an upcoming project. After the project is done, you could scale back and reduce the processing power. Similarly, you could increase or decrease the memory at will. You don’t need to run to Best Buy to upgrade to the new, faster processing chip!
  • Virtual Reality – With exponential processing power, faster hardware, super-speed Internet, and infinite cloud storage, there will be virtual reality instead of just browsing the Internet. You could first go and walk around in your local Sears store ‘virtually’ before going there ‘physically’. You could see and feel the items before even setting foot in the store.
  • Cloud will be the new hangout – Do you want to meet at my Cloud or at your Cloud? Do you want to have a quick online virtual meeting at my cloud? Lets do some research at my cloud and then transfer the data back to your Cloud.
  • Iris Scan will be your encryption – Wear your headset, scan your iris, and enter the Internet. With multitude of hacking and cyber warfare incidents, encryption via secure authentication will be required to get on to the Internet and access your Cloud. You will then be able to access everything, go anywhere, do anything – virtually.
  • The biggest datacenter will control everything – The biggest datacenter providing the cheapest and fastest cloud storage will control the Internet. Datacenters will be built in the Arctic so the cold air could be used to cool the CPUs.

Two decades from now, we will not be limited by processing power, memory, or even storage. Scalability, sustainability, security, and reliability of technology will ensure that the Cloud is widely used and adopted across the world.

The Internet will finally be called The Cloud.


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